Historic Recipe: Macarons Au Chocolate (1956)

Source: The Constance Spry Cookery Book, Constance Spry and Rosemary Hume (1956) My mother and I had a massive argument about what macaroons were – I said they were coconut pyramids with a glace cherry on top and she said they were almond based chewy biscuits which you baked on rice paper – not unlike... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Chocolate Souffle (1954)

Source: The Art of Home Cooking, Stork Margarine Cookery Service (1954) I found this gem on my parents’ cookbook shelf – it’s so gloriously 1950s, from the cartoon illustrations to the over-tinted photographs. It also has a number of recipes that contain gelatine. Obviously I decided to try one. But before we get on to that, what... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Chocolate Truffles (1944)

Source: Good Eating: A Second Book of War-time Recipes, Compiled by the Daily Telegraph Home Cook (1944) This is a new addition to my collection so I imagine there will be more recipes of this nature to follow. The collection comes from the end of the Second World War when rationing was at its most stringent... Continue Reading →

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