Historic Recipe: Oatmeal Cake (1944)

Source: Good Eating: A Second Book of War-Time Recipes (1944) I’ve dipped into this book before when I made the surprisingly good Corned Beef and Beetroot Hot, but in summary, it’s a reprint of a rationing-focused collection of recipes compiled by the Daily Telegraph. We have Mrs W. S. Fletcher from Wellow Cottage, Nr. Newark... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Apple Fool (1944)

Source: Puddings & Sweets, Ministry of Food War Cookery Leaflet 13 (1944) A couple of my university friends came to visit the week before last. After wrestling with the fact that we’d known each for 20 years, we had a lovely couple of days jaunting around Edinburgh and its environs, including a trip to somewhere... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Seed Cake (1938)

Source: Home Management; A Comprehensive Guide-book to the Management of the Household, containing authorative contributions by Experts, compiled and edited by Margaret Garth and Mrs Stanley Wrench (1938) This post is a mash-up of three of my favourite things, Angela Brazil, Home Management and cake. The cake is fairly self-explanatory and I’ve talked about why... Continue Reading →

Seventeenth Century Herbs

For some reason I wrote this blog post in the form of a conversation. With myself. I think I may have been on my own for too long. I was on Cramond Island last week and it was covered with Lady’s Bedstraw (a common UK native with dark green leaves and spikes of yellow flowers),... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Cheesecake Wedges (1973)

Source: Make a Meal of Cheese (1973) This little tome was published by the Cheese Information Service (catchily known as the CIS) which was formed in 1973 to just generically promote cheese (yes, really). The service is also responsible for a series of five pamphlets entitled Choose Cheese. There’s Nothing Like it, which I am yet... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Fish Roll (1938)

Source: Summer Cookery by Aunt Kate, presented by the People’s Journal (1938) Another from Aunt Kate - I find her peppy tone and terrible recipe ideas strangely comforting in this time of chaos. Also, I can’t make anything actually nice, like a cake, because I’d have to eat the whole thing on my own. Recipe: Take... Continue Reading →

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