Historic Recipe: Little Shrimp Casseroles (1965)

Source: Saucepans & The Single Girl; Bachelor-bait Recipes and Dazzling Ideas for Entertaining by Jinx Morgan and Judy Perry (1965) This is not the first time I have cooked something from this book, so if you’d like a little background on it, you can find it here. It seems that in my last post, however, I... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Baked Avocado Pears (1967)

Source: Swaziland’s Favourite Recipes (1967) This recipe book came to me from the charity shops of Stockbridge via a rather nice man, and it really is a gem. There is quite a lot out there in terms of research about the impact of imported recipes and foodstuffs on the eating habits of the British public, but... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Senate Bean Soup (1965)

Source: Saucepans & the Single Girl; Bachelor-bait Recipes and Dazzling Ideas for Entertaining by Jinx Morgan and Judy Perry (1965) This book was a Christmas present and it’s very American and very 1965 in tone. First up it can’t decide between female liberation and traditional gender roles (not that you can’t have both, but that’s... Continue Reading →

New Acquisitions

One of my friends is heading home to America for the festive period in the near future and so we had an early Christmas celebration this evening before she goes. This included a Secret Santa and just. Look. What. I. Got. Needless to say I am very excited. Relevant recipes and advice to follow soon.

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