Historic Recipe: Apple Fool (1944)

Source: Puddings & Sweets, Ministry of Food War Cookery Leaflet 13 (1944) A couple of my university friends came to visit the week before last. After wrestling with the fact that we’d known each for 20 years, we had a lovely couple of days jaunting around Edinburgh and its environs, including a trip to somewhere... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Corned Beef and Beetroot Hot (1944)

Source: Good Eating: A Second Book of War-Time Recipes (1944) I bought beetroot last week to make borscht and had leftovers. This rather imaginative (weird?) little recipe from the height of Second World War rationing seemed to provide an interesting (weird?) way of using it up. The book I took it from is a classic... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Chocolate Truffles (1944)

Source: Good Eating: A Second Book of War-time Recipes, Compiled by the Daily Telegraph Home Cook (1944) This is a new addition to my collection so I imagine there will be more recipes of this nature to follow. The collection comes from the end of the Second World War when rationing was at its most stringent... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Crab Soup (1947)

Source: Chinese Cookery; A Hundred Practical Recipes by M.P. Lee (first published 1943, this edition 1947) This is a very strange little tome that I found in a charity shop in London last year – it’s a bizarre combination of Chinese cookery that’s been adapted for the British market and Chinese cookery that’s been adapted... Continue Reading →

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