Historic Recipe: Cheese Biscuits (1938)

Source: Home Management; A Comprehensive Guide-book to the Management of the Household, containing authorative contributions by Experts, compiled and edited by Margaret Garth and Mrs Stanley Wrench (1938)

3oz butter
2oz grated cheese
4oz flour
Pinch of salt and pepper

Cream the butter and cheese, and add the salt and pepper and flour. Knead to a firm dough. Then put it on a floured board and cut into rounds. Prick before putting them in the oven. Put on a backing-sheet and bake till pale brown.

I used self-raising flour, partly because that’s what I had in the cupboard and partly because I wanted to give the biscuits some oumph (that’s a technical term by the way) and for the cheese I used bog standard cheddar because, again, that’s what I happened to have.

After combining everything as instructed, the rest of the recipe was basically guess-work. I rolled the dough out fairly thinly and used a cookie cutter to cut rounds, I then cooked them at 200 degrees, (which probably means about 180 in a not rubbish oven) for 15 minutes. This all seemed to work and the results were both tasty and had the correct level of crunch.

Suggested alterations: You could definitely add some mustard, herbs or a different kind of cheese for a bit of variation, but the biscuits worked pretty damn well in their basic form.

Final verdict: Easy and quick to make and a yummy end-product. A Kate seal of approval bestowed


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