Historic Recipe: Senate Bean Soup (1965)

Source: Saucepans & the Single Girl; Bachelor-bait Recipes and Dazzling Ideas for Entertaining by Jinx Morgan and Judy Perry (1965) This book was a Christmas present and it’s very American and very 1965 in tone. First up it can’t decide between female liberation and traditional gender roles (not that you can’t have both, but that’s... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Crab Soup (1947)

Source: Chinese Cookery; A Hundred Practical Recipes by M.P. Lee (first published 1943, this edition 1947) This is a very strange little tome that I found in a charity shop in London last year – it’s a bizarre combination of Chinese cookery that’s been adapted for the British market and Chinese cookery that’s been adapted... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Bouillabaisse Soup (1852)

Source: A Plain Cookery Book for the Working Classes by Charles Elme Francatelli (first published 1852) A reprint of this book was another Christmas present and in all honesty it is full of recipes which sound revolting to the modern palate. Fortune favours the brave, however, and this particular recipe appeared to be a Victorian... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Cucumber Soup (1920)

Source: A Year’s Dinners; 365 Seasonal Dinners with Instructions for cooking by May Little (c.1920) This is a fascinating tome that doesn’t just include recipes but clearly lays out what Ms Little believed to be winning combinations of foodstuffs for daily consumption. So for instance on May 11 this soup recipe is paired with baked... Continue Reading →

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