Historic Recipe: Anchovies with Parmesan Cheese (1759)

Source: A Complete System of Cookery by William Verral (1759) All I want is comfort food at the moment and these seemed to fit the bill. Plus, apart from the anchovies (which took me a little bit to find – Lidl is your friend here), everything else was already in my kitchen. Recipe: Fry some bits... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Fish Roll (1938)

Source: Summer Cookery by Aunt Kate, presented by the People’s Journal (1938) Another from Aunt Kate - I find her peppy tone and terrible recipe ideas strangely comforting in this time of chaos. Also, I can’t make anything actually nice, like a cake, because I’d have to eat the whole thing on my own. Recipe: Take... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Crab Soup (1947)

Source: Chinese Cookery; A Hundred Practical Recipes by M.P. Lee (first published 1943, this edition 1947) This is a very strange little tome that I found in a charity shop in London last year – it’s a bizarre combination of Chinese cookery that’s been adapted for the British market and Chinese cookery that’s been adapted... Continue Reading →

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