Historic Recipe: Anchovies with Parmesan Cheese (1759)

Source: A Complete System of Cookery by William Verral (1759) All I want is comfort food at the moment and these seemed to fit the bill. Plus, apart from the anchovies (which took me a little bit to find – Lidl is your friend here), everything else was already in my kitchen. Recipe: Fry some bits... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Fish Roll (1938)

Source: Summer Cookery by Aunt Kate, presented by the People’s Journal (1938) Another from Aunt Kate - I find her peppy tone and terrible recipe ideas strangely comforting in this time of chaos. Also, I can’t make anything actually nice, like a cake, because I’d have to eat the whole thing on my own. Recipe: Take... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Bouillabaisse Soup (1852)

Source: A Plain Cookery Book for the Working Classes by Charles Elme Francatelli (first published 1852) A reprint of this book was another Christmas present and in all honesty it is full of recipes which sound revolting to the modern palate. Fortune favours the brave, however, and this particular recipe appeared to be a Victorian... Continue Reading →

Historic Recipe: Kedgeree (1920s)

Source: A Year’s Dinners; 365 Seasonal Dinners with Instructions for cooking by May Little (c.1920) And Mrs Beeton’s Family Cookery with nearly 3,000 Practical Recipes by Mrs Beeton (1923) Two cookbooks today Kate? Yes, I’m pushing the boat out, you’ll see. It’s also a lengthy post so get a cup of tea and settle in. I had some... Continue Reading →

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